Finding the Answers
Don't sacrifice Independence and Comfort for Care and Safety.
Let us help you attain the best of both worlds.
The first thing we suggest is an in home consultation and assessment. It could be as simple as you telling us the modifications you want or asking us for suggestions. We encourage a thorough assessment and we have a process to do this. If urgent or specific medical needs exist, we can coordinate with your Health Care Professional.
Initial Consultation and Assessment
This in-home consultation includes a variety of steps. We will interview the family to discuss the caregiver's and client's specific needs and concerns. Background research into the client's physical and functional abilities is also performed by speaking with all involved health care professionals. A detailed assessment of all the in-home issues pertaining to our client's daily living activities is completed for each area of the home. These detailed steps ensure that we provide the best solutions for our client's present and their future.
Job Proposal
After our extensive assessment is completed we will create a comprehensive report that includes a proposed floor plan and room layout as well as the remodeling projects and assisting technologies that are required to make the home accessible. We will break the report down to show each project separately and present it in an easy to read and understandable format.
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